A Convo About Community + Launching with Virtually FAMOUS

Have you been thinking about building a community, but you’re not sure how to get started?

I was invited to be a guest on The Virtually FAMOUS with Louise Courville and talk about how coaches, consultants & online entrepreneurs can get started with their communities.

We dive into the importance of validating your idea, how to get started – and knowing that the process is a collaborative and evolving system – not a step by step program (like a course).

We talk about how to know if a community is the right step for your business, how to run a community founding launch with your audience, pricing & platforms… all the good stuff!

I hope you enjoy!

If you’re considering starting your community, you’ll love this one-page community planner.

It asks all the important questions that help you take your idea from a concept into a cohesive strategy. (Sometimes we get started with the idea, and we’re not sure if we’ve thought of “everything” and that can trip us up when it comes to making real progress!)



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