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Tune into this series: Online Courses that Sell

I love it when experts gather together and talk shop!

I’m delighted to share in this “Summer School Series” created by Samantha King called Online Courses that Sell. Each week, she is hosting a panel of experts & lovely folks to talk about the many facets of creating online courses that your audience will eat up!

Of course, yours truly is included in a few of these episodes, so I thought I’d add them here for your listening pleasure!

Here’s what we covered during this episode:

  • How to choose opportunities that will introduce you to the * right * people for your audience, list and – ultimately – the course you are going to offer them for sale
  • Real-life examples of strategies that really worked for them (and their clients) to get leads through free bundles and resource week giveaways…AND SALES!
  • Where to use quizzes to make sure these new leads stick around for the long haul

If you would like more of this magic – you should totally sign up for the full Summer School Session for the replays AND a grip of goodies from the experts involved!

SIDE NOTE: Near the end of this sesh, I briefly mentioned how EPIC quizzes are for lead generation, list segmentation and how you can set up a lead magnet that actually creates qualified leads on autopilot. If that interests you, you might like to nab this mini-masterclass with yours truly.

I share the planning workbook that I use to plan & create quizzes, along with my recommendations for how to bring it all together! If you’d like that – nab your copy here.

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