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Launch Insights You Can Use

Hey there! Guess what?! You’ve stumbled upon a special opportunity to get expert, strategic launch advice from me, personally!

Here’s how this works:

You spend a few minutes sharing with me the details of your last launch (using this handy dandy form!).  I will personally review your details, and send you a video reviewing your launch AND I will share THREE ACTIONS you can use to get better results for your next launch! (FOR FREE!?!)

Once you’ve submitted your launch triage details, you’ll get a personalized email + review video from me within 48 hours (during weekdays).

(If you are ready for professional support to take your launch results to the next level – you’ll have the chance to book a session when you submit this form. We’ll discuss your goals, the results of your triage & what’s possible during our call.)

Thank you so much for sharing your launch details with me! I’m looking forward to sharing insights on how you can accelerate your results for next time.

Sound good? Let’s Get Started:

To get the BEST results from your triage: the more thorough and detailed your response, the better insights & guidance I can share with you. This form will take about 15 minutes to complete with all the details, depending on the complexity of your launch & available assets to share.

To get a complete picture for your triage, I ask you about four aspects of your launch:

  • About You & Your Business
  • About Your Offer
  • About Your Audience
  • About Your Launch System & Process

Special note: I know pulling back the curtain on your launch results can feel a bit vulnerable – I’m here to promise you this is a safe space for learning with the intent to get you game-changing results that get better and better each time. I appreciate your honesty & transparency. 

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