Membership & Community Launch Strategy

Project: COMMUNITY is a coached business strategy & support program for intentional entrepreneurs who are ready to launch a paid membership & online student community.

Bringing your community together, building genuine connection and ensuring value for everyone involved requires a thoughtful strategy and engagement plan.

Meanwhile, you’re worried about pricing, tools, payment processing, building compelling membership benefits, and making sure a paid membership service won’t trap you into endlessly creating content!

Project: COMMUNITY is the action plan that brings all the pieces together, and releases it ready into the hands of your excited audience. The launch strategy, the engagement plan, the online services, how to build in courses… your personalized action plan includes everything you need – and it’s designed to grow as you grow! 

Imagine you…

  • Have an expert in your corner who can help you figure out the technical parts, skip over any obstacles and make fast progress.
  • Sit down to work, and know exactly how to cultivate the growth, engagement and transformation of your community members.
  • Feel confident and equipped about the content plan for your community. You are excited & motivated about what you’ll be creating!
  • Login to your community and see members progressing, connecting and building real relationships. 
  • Easily convert your free community into paid members as your reach continues to grow. 
  • Sell new courses and services with ease.

We work together to make this happen. Project: COMMUNITY includes coached planning sessions to clarify and build the strategy for your vision. Between sessions, you will have guided actions plans to help you bring it all into reality.

Project: COMMUNITY helps you design, launch & serve your first paid membership service, course, program or community – with strategies for growth built in!

Project Outcome:

A growing, active and engaged community where your target customers are experiencing personal transformations, with an engagement plan, strategy for growth and the technical structure to make it all possible.

This program includes the fundamentals & some topics that no one talks about:

  • How to launch your community with a paid list of early adopters
  • How to consistently grow your service & membership with strategic pricing & offers
  • The nitty gritty of creating your first membership, slapping a price on it, and selling it
  • Support in creating your first education product (courses + workshops + webinars)
  • How to network & collaborate to grow your memberships without wasting your time.
  • A strategy for converting fresh customers into long-term superfans
  • The essential support system every community owner needs to feel supported
  • How to consistently provide engaging content without getting stuck at your desk forever!

By the time the program is over, you will be busy running your lucrative membership community. 

Project: COMMUNITY Program Details

Coaching sessions + templates + implementation support + launch event