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Sometimes you need more than another workbook or freebie… you need legit, strategic insights, designed for your business, that help you blow thru obstacles and the people around you to keep you motivated.

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This week on YouTube: I joined Rina & Ildiko to talk about early stage coaching businesses and how to get fast momentum! If you need to work on your messaging, this sesh includes a quick mini-workshop to get it locked in! (Get your copy of the Undeniable Message workbook here.)

The Truth Behind “The Entrepreneurs Journey”

The Truth Behind “The Entrepreneurs Journey”

We’ve all seen the meme of the “entrepreneurs journey” with “what people think it is” juxtaposed with “what it really is”, right? A simple straight line ever upward compared against the squiggliest, worst looking line of your life. I get squeebie just looking at it....

A Better Way to Get Things Done: Ditch Your To Do List

A Better Way to Get Things Done: Ditch Your To Do List

Sometimes a list doesn’t actually help you get things done.  When there are a LOT of conflicting needs, the mess of it can impede you from actually making progress. Next thing you know, you’re overwhelmed and retreating from the tasks altogether, or spinning your...

8 Questions to Clarify Your BIG Vision

8 Questions to Clarify Your BIG Vision

The world needs you. You keep getting the call.  The inspiration flows, the idea and passion behind the vision expanding in your mind…  But when you sit down to start putting it into order - the fire quickly fizzles.  The good idea gets lost in the next...

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A Crazy-Simple, One Page Community Planner

This ONE PAGE Community Design Formula is how thought-leaders, authors, coaches & consultants turn an idea into real community.

With this formula, you will have the trajectory & foundation needed to create a Game Changing Community. Answer these questions to build a lucrative & sustainable plan for your community (whether you're just getting started, or you've started already and need to regroup).

Regroup, get it? 😆

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Hello new future friend + client + partner! Let's talk about your big idea and how we can collaborate for your success.

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