Storming Summer Ale

Here’s what happened when we took Andrew O’Keefe to The Rocks Brewing Co…

The Storming Summer Ale story

Storming Summer Ale was our very first collaboration brew. In preparation for Australia Day 2015, we shipped local budgie smuggler Andrew O’Keefe down to Rocks Brewing to create an ale fit for the Sydney summer. The result showcased only the best Aussie ingredients; Pilsner, Munich and Wheat malts provided a golden base, while Australian hops helped to impart an aroma of fruit salad (just like mum used to make!). Our Summer Ale delivered a moderate level of bitterness (25 IBUs), the perfect drop to break the summer heat, without compromising on flavour.

Malts Pilsner, Wheat, Munich
Hops Enigma, Topaz, Slyva, Riwaka, Wai-iti
Yeast Kolsch
Appearance Straw with a light haze and a creamy white head
Aroma Summer fruit – Stone fruit, Passionfruit, Melon, Pineapple
Flavour Initial Pilsner malt sweetness finishing dry with a thunder clap of hop flavour
IBU 25  Vol 5.5%


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