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You’ve got the vision, it’s time to put it into the wild

Your brilliant idea deserves a fantastic, lucrative launch.

You’ve got a special idea held close to your heart, and you might be wondering if it’s really worth all the effort. I know you’re supposed to share it with the world because the idea just… won’t… let… you… go. Perhaps you’ve had a few false starts, gotten overwhelemed with all the details – maybe you tried launching, but it wasn’t as effective as you’d hoped.

The truth is, you would rather focus on doing what you’re great at rather than wasting your time with all the details of sales funnels, email nurturing, and launch sales – so you continue to push out your “offical launch date” because you don’t feel ready.

Whether you are looking for help to finally have a lucrative launch sytem in place, or you need help wrapping your mind around your first digital product… the strategy, support and guidance you need is here.

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I’m here because I want to…

Grow my audience with podcast appearances.

Pre-sell my digital product before I launch.
Monetize & grow my private online community.

Pick your brain about my digital product launch.

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Make an impact on the world bigger than yourself

I’m most fulfilled when I’m helping others do great work.

Hi there, my name is Starlight

I’m the rebel spirit behind Bottled Lightning.  I’m a big fan of people who’d like to leave a bright mark on the world. Change-makers are my birds of a feather.

I built Bottled Lightning to help creators, visionaries & entrepreneurs launch transformative ideas into the world.

It’s my purpose to light the way, trailblaze through  obstacles and amplify the vision for people who are doing good work. I want you to reach as many people as possible, see the transformative impact of your work, and live a life designed for delight.

That means I do everything in my power to set you free from overwhelm so that you can stay focused on your marvelous creation. From the fundamental steps of clarifying your idea, mapping the strategic journey, to crossing the finish line of a highly successful launch  – your impact is my success metric.

Our strategies at Bottled Lightning are targeted to cultivate community and empower your biggest fans. If you need allies, and some good old fashioned strength in numbers, we’ll show you where to find them.

Partnering with Bottled Lightning means you get to experience what it’s like to have a launch that gets game-changing results with longterm impact.

In short, you’ve come to the right place. 

Get strategic & laser focused guidance for your digital product launch so you can trailblaze through any confusion, and take your next steps with total confidence.

how we can help you

have a high-impact, lucrative digital product launch

See how it’s all connected & focus on what is most important.

system triage

Breakthrough Launch Repair

Get the clarity you need with a launch system audit. You know SOMETHING isn’t working, because you’re not getting results, and your heart isn’t in it.

Do you wish someone would help you cut through the noise and help you FIX IT? Experience a breakthrough, and get your personalized plan of action.

guided support

Signature Offer Launch

It's time to get your signature offer figured out, created and launched. No more fiddling with tech, googling platforms and arbitrarily posting on social media.

Profound understanding of your clients combines with transformative service design to launch a product that has powerful impact beyond yourself.

the roadmap

Stand-Apart Strategy

You want the legit action plan. You're ready to put your great work in front of the masses and grow your influence. The thing is, you don't want to have to spend your time figuring out the perfect launch strategy.

The personalized launch strategy you need so that you can show up & deliver a lucrative, high-impact launch. 

fresh insights

Strategies for your lucrative launch

Guidance and tools for small actions that get BIG results.

This week on YouTube: Four reasons why closing your membership will help you get your first 100 paid subscribers.

three big tips to

Help you grow your list

before your next launch

You know your email list is important to your launch.

What if you could take some actions now that will help your email list grow so that you can add even more people to your membership community?

Inside this free download I share three tips you can use to start growing your audience now - no matter what size - in sustainable, accelerated ways. This means a warm, enthusiastic audience now, and a game-changing launch.

proof in the proverbial pudding

Let me start by saying that when I met Starlight – I was completely starting from scratch, quitting a career I was disheartened with, and embarking on my first entrepreneurial endeavor.

Her business launch package helped with every aspect of starting & launching my new business. She included creative exercises that helped me to brainstorm a name for my brand. I was able to envision a very specific idea of who my target client was with her help. I was genuinely inspired by doing the brand-building exercises she provided! She guided me in regards to authentic social media involvement, which had a huge impact on my online visibility.

Above all, her strategic insights and one-on-one coaching supported me in creating a current, attainable vision for my company, while building the foundation for an expansive future.
Now, I know this may seem like quite a bit, but I truly look back at the start of my business and wonder just how messy the process would’ve been without her. 

Nikki Rae Bose

Owner & Creator, reUnify Yoga

Starlight has been a game changer for my company! Her ability to identify and solve problems in creatives ways is truly impressive. She has a keen eye for business strategy, marketing & design.

With her help we launched a beautifully designed and professionally functional digital environment to serve our network with courses, programs, events & membership. Our company and community are now thriving. I cherish the expertise and support Starlight has consistently provided over the past 6 years. She is a miracle worker!

Heather Manus

Founder, Cannabis Nurses Network

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Let's get to know One another

Every great relationship starts with a conversation.

Hello new future friend + client + partner! Let's talk about your big idea and how we can collaborate for your success.



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