The Bottled Lightning Co. is a collective of Sydneysiders who enjoy good beer and good times. Once a month, we get together with Sydney’s best craft brewers to celebrate, appreciate and sometimes pontificate over locally-brewed beers. Whatever the occasion, wherever the location, we always have fun.

Our mission

Our mission is simple — to connect Sydneysiders with the craft beer community, to drink better beer and to have an awesome time doing it. The Bottled Lightning Co. is here to help you discover new and interesting local beers, involve you with unique beer experiences, and introduce you to the amazing craftspeople making it all happen.

Who we are

We are a friendly band of brewers, craftspeople and beer lovers, bonded by a healthy respect for the community atmosphere and produce of Sydney’s craft beer scene. We work hard to develop better ways of consuming, sharing and celebrating locally-brewed craft beer.

Buy local

The Bottled Lightning Co. supports Sydney’s craft beer community – and your tastebuds – by connecting you with our finest craft breweries. We want to hook you up with locally-brewed beer and the community of craftsmen (and women) that love to produce it.

How do I get involved?

Each month, we send our members an invitation to a Bottled Lightning Co. event, where regulars and newcomers can hang out, have fun, meet local brewers, discover local beers, and maybe learn a thing or two.

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