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We Believe

The World Needs Your Gifts

Did you know that also means...

  • Building an intentional business can be done on your own terms.
  • You wake up excited to work with your favorite people.
  • Your work has transformational results in the lives of others.
  • Living in alignment & being true to yourself becomes the norm.
  • You are rewarded with a life that brings you fulfillment & delight.
  • Traversing obstacles is easy because you always have help.
  • Your entrepreneurial journey comes with supportive community.
  • The more impact you have, the more impact you're capable of.
  • There's absolutely no requirement do it the hard way.
    (We wholeheartedly advise against it.)

Capturing the Lightning

Hi, my name is Starlight

Business strategist & fairy godmother hype crew.

I help entrepreneurs build & scale an intentional business to have transformative impact. I offer coaching and strategic systems so they can fulfill their calling, cultivate community that matters & get free from the grind.

With my help, they trailblaze through the confusion to build a lucrative, scalable system that delivers their gifts to the world.

I love helping those with something bold to say live boldly in their business. I believe we each bear the responsibility to share our great work with the world. My purpose is to light the way.

In my past life, I worked with startups, tech companies and founders to design & build apps, launch & market brands & establish cohesive online identities.

Now, I live and work remotely from the Caribbean, helping intentional entrepreneurs with the strategy & systems they need to build an impactful business that sets them free.

Tested Strategies & Systems

How can a business strategist help YOU?

Overwhelm running your business is totally normal, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are SO many moving pieces to a successful business. Details of how exactly to turn a big idea into reality can quickly become an obstacle to your progress. (Don’t worry, it happens to the very best of us.) Conflicting strategies, mountains of “freebies”, everyone has advice, but no one is giving you the expert guidance that is designed for YOUR business.

How do you build the vision that YOU dream of without sacrificing your talents & inspiration?

A visionary business strategist can trailblaze through the confusion, capture your shining vision, map the journey, and help you build the ship that carries you to your destination.

With Bottled Lightning, you have an expert guide with the business, marketing and operations strategies you need to build & scale your vision for transformative impact.

Fulfill a calling, delight in your life, cultivate community that matters & get free from the grind.

Our Success System

How We Bottle Lightning;

Five essentials to building an impactful business.

So many people jump into their business without clear insights on what it actually takes to be effective, while staying authentic to your vision & mission. Next thing you know, you’re suffering from working too hard, and stuck juggling tasks, instead of experiencing the delight of living your calling.

We can help. Our process, strategies, methods, and guidance are built around five essential areas of focus. 

1. Your Story

Authentic Brand & Presence

The flame that burns inside of you holds the secret.

2. Know & Serve

Ideal Customers & Inspired Services

Who you serve & how you deliver transformation.

3. Systems Design

Business Designed for Flight

Are you the pilot, or the whole flying machine?

4. Scale Methods

Trusted Tools for Growth

The strategic plan to achieve your goals.

5. Spirit & Community

An Untethered Force of Light

Mindfulness & connection belongs in your business.

Vision + Strategy + Community

We believe that going it alone is a terrible way to live, and an even worse way to do business (especially for thought leaders). We prize collaboration over competition and value connection over extraction.

Enthusiastic, empowering communal support is baked into the foundation of how we do business.

Signature Services

Strategic Solutions for Intentional Entrepreneurs

Our Specialty

Breakthrough Solutions & Strategy

Free yourself from second guessing. You don't have to do it the hard way. We're called Bottled Lightning for a reason; the right solution for you is easier than you think. Trailblaze through obstacles with the tested tools, systems and strategies you need to unleash your gifts.

Launch Programs

Service & Community Launch

Launch a transformative online service. From strategy, to marketing & launching your digital program, Bottled Lightning offers established service providers the tested systems and support you need to get launched. Guidance, accountability, templates & tech... it's all here.

Bespoke Service

Digital Ecosystem Development

An exclusive offering for well-matched clients; Bottled Lightning offers limited "done-for-you" systems. Sales funnels, programs, launches & content generation built into cohesive systems. We train your team to run it so you can skip the building and get right to the doing. 

Starlight has easily been one of the most contributing success factors to my organization as a company as well as client outreach.  She is well organized, well spoken, and extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise. 

That area, albeit a very large one, includes design, printing, social media strategy, clientele outreach, and website building. I hesitate to even list what she has helped me with only because it may place her in a box when this woman just can’t be contained.  Her willingness to help and her prompt responses are a breath of fresh air in the industry and one that I will not be letting go of… I cannot stress how highly I recommend Starlight Mundy.

Chris Sayegh

Founder, The Herbal Chef

Lessons Learned

Insights + Articles

Bottled Lightning believes in being of service, and we are intent on lighting the way for those who are coming behind us. We share insights and techniques that have demonstrated success (and failures) so that you can make big leaps.
This is where you’ll find the methods behind the magic.

Lessons Learned

Insights + Articles

Demystifying the Entrepreneurial Journey

Demystifying the Entrepreneurial Journey

We’ve all seen the meme of the “entrepreneurs journey” with “what people think it is” juxtaposed with “what it really is”, right? A simple straight line ever upward compared against the squiggliest, worst looking line of your life. I get squeebie just looking at it....

I was feeling so discouraged getting bogged down with the technical aspects of updating my site, overwhelmed with so many options and not having the knowledge or experience to make any decisions or take action.

Starlight helped me tremendously in just a few minutes! With her knowledge she was able to educate me and offer solutions I had never even heard of (and I’m not new to this). I’m so grateful to have been connected with Starlight!

Jessica Reddy

Owner & Life Coach, JessicaReddy.com

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