The Truth Behind “The Entrepreneurs Journey”

We’ve all seen the meme of the “entrepreneurs journey” with “what people think it is” juxtaposed with “what it really is”, right? A simple straight line ever upward compared against the squiggliest, worst looking line of your life.

I get squeebie just looking at it.

Inside, we might secretly nod in agreement, wishing it wasn’t true. 

The meme isn’t lying – but it’s not telling the whole story. 

When you’re trying to go it alone, do it on your own, figure it out along the way, relying on what got you here, to somehow magically get you there – then yeah, that’s the entrepreneurial journey. 

Our culture portrays this archetype well… first, the entrepreneur cycles with inspirations, then goes into the cave of “get it all done”, puts something into the world with little results, gets burned out, wrestles with the struggle bunny, loses momentum, and seeks to realign, before awakening again, re-inspired & better rested – only to repeat the cycle, until they finally get the help they need. 

It’s a tough journey, but it’s not the only option available. 


There’s a lot of common mistakes, easily avoidable pitfalls, and strategic choices that can dramatically alter the trajectory & experience of your business.

It is our mission to ensure the journey for our clients is easier & faster, because they get the help they need to skip the avoidable hard lessons.


There’s no such thing as growth & lesson-free journey. But it doesn’t have to be a relentless, painful drag through the trough of despair until you figure it out. In fact, with the right insight & support, a growth mindset and holistic vision – it can be a marvelous adventure. 


We believe that this marvelous adventure belongs to everyone – but it especially belongs to people with missions to leave a bright mark on the world. (That’s our favorite kind of people.)

The mission of Bottled Lightning is to make it easier, and show the way. We use our talents to support & amplify the work of guides, leaders & visionaries in the world so their impact becomes exponential.



It would be irresponsible to say that your journey with our help, would be effortless – but queen, it will be a whole helluva lot less struggle. 

The Truth Behind \

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