Why Coaches DON’T Need to “Find a Niche” to Scale

If generating recurring revenue is a pressing goal for your business, you’ve probably heard the advice that you need to “niche down”. Often, that means that you need to further narrow your target customer market. Real talk, that’s bad advice in the long run and will keep you from having massive impact.

In this video, I’m going to share why “niche-ing down” is terrible advice, why it’s not the way you should be thinking about scaling your business, and what to do instead.

I hear people asking all the time, “how do I define my niche?!”

You just figured out your target customer avatar, and have finally started growing your business – then someone comes along and says “to keep growing, you gotta niche down – the riches are in the niches!”

This is BAD advice that can keep you from effectively scaling your business and having massive impact, and it’s a REAL OBSTACLE to high profits and effortless marketing messaging.

Instead of a Niche, Ask yourself these questions:

  • What results can I consistently & enjoyably deliver?
  • What is my specialty? 
  • What am I known for? I’m a [XYZ] expert…
  • What problem can I solve with my eyes closed?
  • What is transformation I can PROMISE?

    If you do exactly as I say, follow this plan, and stay motivated, I promise you can go from [current painful state] to [future desired state].”

Claim Your Expertise & Promised Transformation

I’m a [your zone of genius] who helps [your customer avatar]
go from [yucky before state] to [desired transformed state].


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